Our Address

Zoutmanstraat 1,
Oranjestad, Aruba
Located behind the Renaissance Mall


Phone: +297 749 1600

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Experience Aruban food and culture

Welcome to Taste My Aruba! We are an authentic, family-owned, farm-to-table and sea-to-table restaurant. We believe that food is culture. When you take a seat and enjoy a meal in our outdoor garden, you will be able to enjoy the flavors that are unique to the island alongside friends, family, and loved ones.

Each day brings new food, and because of that our menu is never the same. Everything here is from Aruba and for Aruba. All of the meals that we serve consist of only fresh, local ingredients. Join us for dinner and experience the culture and soul of our beautiful island.

Make your reservation today

Please remember, we are a small business and it’s important that you honor your reservations. There is a high demand for seating and we do our best to ensure that we can accommodate as many visitors as possible. If you are unable to make it, please contact us ahead of time so that we are able to provide someone else with the chance to join us for dinner.

“This little café offers big rewards… Inventive and affable owner-chef Nathaly is passionate about her menu”Lonely Planet Restaurant Reviews

Our Rotating Menu


This is not your typical restaurant with an established menu. We serve what is fresh; it’s as simple as that. Local fishermen bring in a different catch each morning and sell their fish to us at market price.

Whether we are serving snapper, grouper, barracuda, or lobster, the fish will always be the fresh and local. For the non-seafood eaters, we always prepare organic beef or chicken. 

Be sure to save room for dessert. Nathaly is known for her cashew cake, a proper island favorite.

In addition to the food on our daily menu, we also carry a lovely selection of Argentinian wines.  


Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling +297 749 1600 .


Zoutmanstraat 1, Oranjestad, Aruba

Located behind the Renaissance Mall