The Chef


The warm and welcoming values of family are deeply woven into Taste My Aruba’s identity. In 2020, despite the hardships of the pandemic, a dream come-true opportunity allowed family and business to come together. Nathaly’s nephew, Derwin Tromp, joined Taste My Aruba as head chef and partner.

Derwin brings his expertise and refined taste to the kitchen. He began his culinary career studying in the Netherlands and working at some of Holland’s finest restaurants. He is a master of his craft, perfecting each dish to ensure that every detail has its mouthwatering purpose.

After spending several years in Holland, like Nathaly, Derwin felt a calling to return home to the beautiful island that raised him. Since moving back to Aruba in 2015, he has worked at 5-star hotels and renowned restaurants. Joining Taste My Aruba allowed Derwin to blend two meaningful parts of his life – his professional passion and his family values.

Derwin brings youth, energy, and appetizing prowess to the kitchen. He is a native to the island who understands how to prepare fresh, local, and delicious meals that are charmingly Aruban. His experience working in Europe also taught him how to bring refined elegance to the table each night.

For Derwin and Nathaly, business is family, and you will be treated like kin when you join them for dinner. They look forward to welcoming you so you can experience the tastes of the beautiful island they call home.