The Kitchen

Experience and expertise in the kitchen


Nathaly has partnered with renowned chef, John Lejuez, who brings experience and refinement to Taste my Aruba. Like Nathaly, John was born in Aruba and then lived abroad for 24 years of his life. During those years, he worked in some of the finest restaurants in Barcelona, such as Hotel Neri, Els Pescadors, and Essence Espaisucre, the world’s first dessert restaurant.


John is an incredibly skilled chef and a perfectionist who is obsessed with the little things that make food special. While working in some of Barcelona’s finest eateries, he became a master of dessert and an expert in seafood. Despite his impressive background and expertise, he’s incredibly humble and soft-spoken. For John, the kitchen is his place of self-expression. He puts his heart and soul into each fish that he masterfully filets and prepares.


Every recipe that he creates is a representation of his passion and love for cooking. John is a true professional who has dedicated his career to preparing wholesome, local, and authentic food. He comes from humble beginnings and although he admittedly ate bread and peanut butter for 18 years, he worked his way to the top and established himself as one of the most credentialed chefs on the island. John and Nathaly are a dynamic duo with synergy and an ability to make magic happen in the kitchen. Both share fundamental similarities as true Arubans who traveled the world and developed a deep appreciation for food and culture. Despite their journeys to different countries, John and Nathaly shared the profound desire to return home to Aruba. Now, they are embarking on an exciting journey together as Taste My Aruba’s spirited team.


Although he is not one for the spotlight, John is contributing some of his own flare to Taste My Aruba. Once a month, he will be bringing a 12 course-tasting menu to the restaurant in collaboration with our colleague, Ricky Croes. If you have any questions about the course-tasting menu, you can email


When John isn’t fileting fish or preparing a delicious dessert, you can find him at the beach chasing waves and body boarding.